Monday, May 20, 2013

Bubble Galaxy Review and Gameplay

When i saw the icon i knew i was in for a bit of fun. I enjoy simple games like this where you fling bubbles or balls and match them with the same identical ones up above. The game is really fun and really easy, you don't need to be a pro at it and earning coins is a breeze.

Liked: The cute characters and sound effects make this game very entertaining. I loved the fact that you can play with friends or you can send out for a stranger to play with you. Best part is if you are stuck with your buddies somewhere without internet or wifi you can use the same iOS device, pass back n forth and compete with each other. Fantastic for me since alot of my family members don't own an iOS device.

Disliked: There were a few small things i would change when it comes to their missions and daily tasks. Some of the missions i can't even pass at the moment because you need a specific amount of facebook friends and honestly none of my friends are active gamers. The daily tasks will have missions where you would need the robot or alien but unfortunately you would have to purchase them for $4.99 each.

This app is definitely one i recommend for you to try, its great for all ages and fun to just pass the time, you can play a game or two here and there.

   Available: FREE

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